EMOEDAGREAT born Eric Lattimore from Gaffney, South Carolina has always had a thriving passion for music. “Music is my way of life.” He spoke. Taking his talents to Los Angeles, California in 2019 EMOEDAGREAT has been making a name for himself showcasing his art as a music artist all over LA and social media platforms. EMOEDAGREAT does a combination of Rap, RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop with a soulful vibe. “I can create any type of music and I will be the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre. 2024 will be the year CPMG will be recognized for its creative and brilliant sounds. 
EMOEDAGREAT has his own exclusive team who he works with every day that are in house to back up everything he does as an artist. Working alongside his daughter Yvng Ari as his producer, and AsianRican Films his visualist and publicist. They are determined to build up the label Carolina Plug Music Group to be successful for talented individuals who are passionate and in love with the art of music. EMOEDAGREAT says he want to set an empire for his family and generations to come to always remember to never stop creating, love what you do and be your truest self always.